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What is psoriasis?

What is psoriasis? Psoriasis: The exact origin of the disease is still unknown. However, it has been discovered that psoriasis is related to the body’s immune system that stimulates the division of abnormal skin cells. It is most commonly found in people aged 20-40 years

reduce acid reflux and how to prevent

reduce acid reflux and how to prevent Avoid certain types of foods, such as: What is GERD? GERD is a digestive disorder in which stomach acids, food and fluids flow back into the esophagus. It can occur at any age and may be temporary or

bloating before menstruation. What should I do?

bloating before menstruation. What should I do? There are many premenstrual symptoms that can vary from person to person, and sometimes the symptoms that occur in the same person may not be the same each month. Common symptoms can be categorized as follows: Physical premenstrual

Smith recommends Odegaard to be legend.

Former Arsenal striker Alan Smith urges Martin Odegaard to improve and lead the team to the title in order to compete with legend Dennis Bergkamp. Odegaard has received constant praise since joining Arsenal from Real Madrid in 2021, while his ability to create passes for

Hoeness explains reasons for not keeping Tuchel.

Uli Hoeness may have a close personal relationship with Thomas Tuchel but they have a different attitude towards their work. Uli Hoeness, Bayern Munich board of directors, explains the reasons why the Southern Tigers did not retain Thomas Tuchel to continue working with the club.

Raul prepares to leave Madrid this summer.

Raul Gonzalez has a chance to leave Real Madrid this summer. After working with Real Madrid Castilla for 5 seasons before looking forward to the next level. UFABET reported on Friday that Raul Gonzalez is considering leaving the club this summer. After working as coach

Ideas for box lunch.

The following is an economical box lunch recipe and useful. You can make it and take it to eat at work. Which will help the body receive complete nutrients. and sufficient for daily needs Chicken basil fried rice Popular menu that many people like You can do it yourself easily. It

Easy ways to avoid oily food.

Easy ways to avoid oily food. Many people want to avoid ingesting more fat than necessary. Because although fat is the main nutrient that humans need. However, it provides high energy and ingesting more than needed can cause various diseases later on. 1. Boil, bake, grill, instead