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Ideas for box lunch.

The following is an economical box lunch recipe and useful. You can make it and take it to eat at work. Which will help the body receive complete nutrients. and sufficient for daily needs Chicken basil fried rice Popular menu that many people like You can do it yourself easily. It

Easy ways to avoid oily food.

Easy ways to avoid oily food. Many people want to avoid ingesting more fat than necessary. Because although fat is the main nutrient that humans need. However, it provides high energy and ingesting more than needed can cause various diseases later on. 1. Boil, bake, grill, instead

Techniques to add nutritional value to white rice.

White rice is still more popular to consume than brown rice. Maybe because of culture combined with faster cooking Soft texture which many people like and also has an economical price. You can buy in large quantities. There are also people who prefer to eat white rice when it is suggested that whole rice is

Electrolyte drinks for exercise VS diarrhea Diarrhea.

Electrolyte drinks It is a drink that can compensate for the water and mineral salts that the body has lost. which contains sugar and mineral salts that help the body absorb water more easily. Suitable for those who are dehydrated and lack mineral salt balance in the body. Helps relieve