Milan hopes to lend a loan to “Ziyech”, not forced to buy

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According to reports from Italy, AC Milan are interested in loaning Hakim Ziyech from Chelsea without a mandatory purchase clause. And now they are not in a hurry with this deal in any way.

“Red Devils” rumored to want to grab the 29-year-old wing to join the team this summer. But they seem to have reduced that interest a bit.

It has been reported in recent days that Zeyek has become dissatisfied with his current situation. Due to the lack of progress in the negotiations of each party

Partly because he is no longer a warrant for Milan. After the Serie Championship team A recently signed Belgian international Charles de Ketlar, 21, from Club Brugge, according

to UFABET , Milan currently only views Ziyech as a One of the options they might grab at the end of this round with the right conditions.

The current priority of the Serie A champions is to bring in a centre-back and midfielder, but Ziyech would be seen as the cherry on the cake for their transfer window.

Chelsea want ex-Ajax striker on loan with compulsory buy clause While the Milan side is ready to borrow, but asks for an option to buy more.

Due to the position of Ziyech, the Milan players added to it. They expect Chelsea to be willing to cut demand during the three weeks of the transfer window.