Leicester 0-3 Liverpool: Dropped after the Premier League game

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Leicester 0-3 Liverpool: Dropped after the Premier League game, the Reds beat the Foxes to the Championship.

Defensive game, Leicester is in serious condition.

Today, if looking at the score, many fans might think that Liverpool’s offensive game is fierce and hot. But not at all, they were still lacking, shooting at the fishing birds several times. But where it came out so messy, part of it came from Leicester’s defensive game, which today stabbed out. Offside check lines too short, plus the man-marking doesn’t seem to understand each other like they haven’t been trained. This is the problem that has caused Fox Siam to be in a bad situation until now.

Maddison can’t carry it.

While the game is bad This offensive game is heavier. Because throughout the game. Leicester almost never creates any chances or stresses on the Liverpool defensive line, there will only Vardy’s shot at the beginning of the game that goes to save Alisson. While where James Maddison tried his best, both dragging solo and paying and coming down to fetch the ball. But today was hit by the defensive line of the visiting team until they could not do much. And that almost completely paralyzes the attacking game of the home team.

Jones 2 Salah 3

As I said today, Liverpool’s offensive game is still too lacking in many moments, especially the 3 coordinates in the front that meet in the form until in the end, Curtis Jones has to act instead of breaking through. Go in and shoot 2 beautiful goals in the first half. Relieve the pressure for the team to comfortably control the game for 90 minutes, while today’s. Bang Mo missed a single duel in a face-to-face attack, but nonetheless did A “hat-trick assist” is awarded to a friend for all three goals scored in the game.

Leicester prepares, Liverpool still have to win

Liverpool’s victory in this game sent them to score 65 points, pendant Manchester United in 4th place, leaving only one point gap, but the Reds played more than 1 game, with the programs of both teams in the final round the Red Devils had to leave. Bournemouth host Chelsea and close out Fulham at Old Trafford, while Klopp’s side host Aston Villa and cap off the season with an exit. Away to Southampton, Who already relegat,

while Leicester are still in a comatose relegation from 19th place, two points clear of safety, where their program for the next two games is a trip to New Castle and open house against West Ham in the last game. Seeing this, I can tell that it’s difficult to survive!