Sahamon Rashford can return to form in just time

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Former Manchester United striker Louis Saha has expressed confidence that Marcus Rashford is the youngest striker of the former club. will be able to return to good form It just takes time

. Rashford’s form has dropped throughout the last season. With a record of playing 32 games, scoring only 5 goals and in this season’s opener against Brighton, the 24-year-old still has a disappointing performance, causing many “Red Devils” fans to start to worry

. Alleviating those concerns, he told UFABET :

“The longer it takes him to get back into form, the more you worry, but Rashford is very talented. He’s also a very good kid.

Former United striker Saha is confident it is ‘only a matter of time’ before Rashford returns to form, however, and says the 24-year-old ‘has too much talent’ to experience an indefinite lull.

“It is only up to time that he will bring back his best form. He’s got

to recover from injury, and it takes time to get his confidence back, whenever he can, I think. He’s going to improve even more

. But the form of play is still not perfect.

“If he continues to work hard like this And trying to enjoy playing football more, I’m sure his form will return.”