“Perez” insists the King has no plans to buy more – supports “Barca”

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Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has urged rival club Barcelona to regain its status quo.

Last season the “Barcelona” performed poorly after being drawn out of the Champions League and not reaching their dream side despite dropping into the Europa League

, while in La Liga they have had a poor start under manager Ronaldinho. Old Koeman before Xavi Hernandez took over the team and rushed to work until the runners-up.

This summer, Barça has grabbed many famous players to join the team. Especially the descent striker Robert Lewandowski in hopes of challenging for the championship with Madrid again.

Madrid side won the double title last season. And this year kicks off with a UEFA Super Cup trophy after beating Frankfurt on Wednesday night. the UFABET report

After the game, Perez was asked about reinforcements for the remainder of the transfer window, he said: “The transfer market? with the team we have now We are not considering adding any more players this summer.”

When asked about Barca’s reinforcements, he said: “There have been seasons where we were doing better or worse. But Barcelona is one of the most important institutions in world football, along with Real Madrid which will be good for all parties It’s good for football,” he said.