Easy ways to avoid oily food.

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Easy ways to avoid oily food. Many people want to avoid ingesting more fat than necessary. Because although fat is the main nutrient that humans need. However, it provides high energy and ingesting more than needed can cause various diseases later on.

1. Boil, bake, grill, instead of frying.

Many foods do not contain a lot of fat. But when you fry it, the oil used for frying infiltrates into the food.

Boiling, baking, grilling It is a way to cook food without adding fat from the oil used. Plus, sometimes the fat that’s in some foods even comes off ทางเข้า ufabet

2. Fry and place on the grill.

If you really want to eat fried food Then put it on a wire rack to drain the oil.

3. Avoid food that is soaked in oil.

Porous foods absorb oil well. This often causes us to underestimate the amount of fat we receive. Whether it’s crispy snacks that look dry in the bag, omelets, potato chips.

4. Be careful of foods that contain hidden fat.

The biggest problem with avoiding oily food is that many times we don’t know or forget that the food also contains fat, such as stir-fried morning glory (oil floating everywhere + inserted between the vegetables) / dry noodles (oil inserted between the strands) / salad. (oil in salad dressing)

5. Avoid eating fast food or bakery food or research before eating.

Many fast foods have fat mixed in them. Whether it comes from animal fat, milk fat, or vegetable fat in the oil used for frying.

Bakery also has fat that comes in the form of cream/fat mixed with flour.

Therefore, if we want to avoid oily food Want to avoid fat in food You may have to avoid these menus altogether.

In the case where it is unavoidable For example, there are only fast food restaurants in the whole neighborhood. We have to find information first about which menu items have less fat.